Pakistani Expert Waseem Altaf Admire Indian PM Modi Narendra Modi Says India Increasing Global Power Is Lesson For Pakistan

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:50 PM IST

Pakistani expert on PM Modi: India and Pakistan are the only two countries that got independence together in the year 1947. However, after 75 years of independence, if we compare the current situation of both the countries, then the difference between the land and the sky will be clearly visible. This thing is not only known to the whole world, but Pakistani expert Wasim Altaf also agrees with this.

Recently, he was interviewed by Pakistani expert Wasim Altaf in the YouTube show of Pakistani female journalist Arju Kazmi, in which he said that economic diplomacy of PM Modi is necessary for Pakistan. Pakistan should learn a lot from this.

Mention of PM Modi’s foreign tour
Pakistani expert mentioned PM Modi’s foreign tour. He said Modi has visited Australia, France, America and Japan, where he focused on economic aspects. He is doing this in a grand manner.

The best example of this is seen in the business partnership between India and UAE. There is a trade of 85 million dollars between these two countries. In contrast, there is a business of only 2 million dollars between Pakistan and UAE.

US tour deals
Indian Prime Minister Modi recently visited America. Where he made agreements related to semiconductor plant, railway, technology, drone, jet engine and space sector. Apart from this, during his visit to France, he made a deal regarding Rafale.

During the UAE tour, an agreement has been made between India and the Islamic country regarding doing business and digital payments. At the same time, it was agreed to open an IIT college in Abu Dhabi.

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