Transgender Father Caleb Bolden Gives Birth To A Child In England

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 9:51 PM IST

Father Gives Birth: In England, a father has surprised everyone by giving birth to a child. 27-year-old Caleb Bolden and his 25-year-old wife Niam Bolden have become parents to a baby boy. The child was not given birth by Niyam but by her husband Saleb. Actually, the celeb is a transgender man. Niyam had suffered three miscarriages and due to some health problems, she could not give birth to a child.

Niyam was told by doctors that she would never be able to give birth to children as her eggs were unable to fertilize. That’s why the celeb decided to give birth to the child. According to SWNS, before taking this decision, both had also thought of having children through sperm donor. At that time the celebs were taking testosterone injections to become completely male.

Celeb stops male-turning injections

When the celeb decided to have a child, he had stopped taking testosterone injections from January 2022 onwards. With the help of these injections, he could have become completely male, but for the sake of the child, he stopped taking them. Then the couple met a sperm donor and the celeb became pregnant within 6 months.

family gave full support

The couple, who live in Cambridgeshire, England, received mixed reactions from people during this period, but their family and friends supported them fully. Celeb raised the child in the womb for 9 months and then gave birth to a daughter in May 2023. Since then both were in the hospital.

The health of both the child and the father is fine.

Celeb told SWNS that my wife had problems, so I thought of giving birth to a child. It was very difficult. She is my daughter and I have given birth to her. I want other trans people to know that it is okay to give birth to a child. The health of both the child and the father is fine.

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