Bangladesh Bus Accident 17 Dead Many Injured After Bus Falls Into Roadside Pond

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 1:25 PM IST

Bangladesh Accident: A horrific road accident took place on Saturday (July 22) in South-West Bangladesh. A bus full of passengers fell into a large pond on the roadside, killing at least 17 people. More than a dozen have been injured. According to local reports, the bus which met with the accident was going from Bhandaria to Barishal carrying 60-70 passengers.

According to the report of Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Star, this incident happened in Chhatrakanda area of ​​Jhalakathi Sadar Upazila of Bangladesh. Police said that the accident took place when the bus carrying more than 60 passengers was going from Bhandaria sub-district to Barishal, the south-west divisional headquarters. Due to high speed, the bus became uncontrolled. After which she fell in the pond.

Some of the injured are in critical condition

Police said that divers have retrieved 17 bodies from the pond, while 35 other injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment, some of whom remain in critical condition. With the help of a crane, the bus was pulled out of the water-filled pond after hours of effort. Police sub-inspector Gautam Kumar Ghosh said that eight women and three children were among the dead. The treatment of 20 other passengers is going on at the main government hospital in Jhalkathi. At the same time, some passengers have minor injuries, in which case they have been allowed to go home after first aid.

Bus accidents are seen every day

The survivors of the accident have blamed the driver of the bus for this horrific accident. He said that the bus was overcrowded, due to which the accident took place. Significantly, bus accidents are seen in Bangladesh on a daily basis. According to the Road Safety Foundation (RSF), a total of 559 road accidents took place in June alone, in which 562 people died and 812 were injured.

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