Pakistan Animal Smugglers Caught After Smuggling Of Baby Monkey Present In Court As Evidence Get Escaped

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 12:08 PM IST

Pakistan Monkey Smugglers: Two people were arrested on Thursday (July 20) outside Karachi, Pakistan, on charges of smuggling animals. They were smuggling 14 monkey babies in boxes used to transport mangoes. After being caught on charges of smuggling monkeys, he was produced in the court along with the monkey.

When 14 monkeys were brought along with the accused in the Karachi court of Pakistan, one of them ran away. After this, there was chaos in the court premises. The employees present in the court started trying to get the runaway monkey down from the tree.

training monkeys to steal
Javed Mahar, head of the Pakistan Sindh Wildlife Department, said, “The monkeys were kept in boxes in a bad condition. They could hardly breathe.” Trading or keeping wild animals is illegal in Pakistan. Yet laws are routinely ignored.

There is a huge market for exotic pets in Pakistan. Here, to attract the customers, they often keep street entertainers with them, which is called Madri Ka Khel. Apart from this, monkeys are also trained to steal.

Fined Rs 100,000
The court of Pakistan imposed a fine of Rs 100,000 on the accused. Ordered to hand over the monkeys to Karachi Zoo. Wildlife officials criticized the work done by the accused with the monkeys. Wildlife officer Mahar said, “The monkeys should have been returned to their natural habitat from where they were caught.”

In the year 2020, a court of the country ordered the closure of the only zoo in the country’s capital due to its poor condition. Pakistan’s zoos are notorious for their poor facilities. Wildlife officials criticize the zoo for this.

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