US Funeral: Stranger buried instead of father! Daughters file $60 million case against last crematorium

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 11:54 AM IST

US News: In a shocking case, two sisters have sued funeral homes for $60 million after they buried a stranger instead of their late father. 

Stacy Holzman and Megan Jenner allege that Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Service and Star of David buried the body of a stranger on their late father’s behalf. For which a lawsuit has been filed in New York City, USA. According to the lawsuit filed in New York, Fletcher Funeral & Cremation Service mistakenly mistook the remains of a stranger for her late father, Clifford Jenner, and placed the wrong body in Clifford’s burial clothes.  

Last crematorium accused of negligence 

Both the daughters of the deceased allege that the funeral home company has taken gross negligence, due to which their father’s last rites could not be performed according to Jewish traditions. The sisters accused Fletcher Funerals that their father was left inside the morgue. 

Talking to Fox News, Megan said that wrong has happened to me. We trusted them but what did they do with us. Funeral happens once in every person’s life. We lose our father once in our life.

The crematorium company gave its argument 

 Daughters of the deceased allege that when we raised this issue, the funeral homes tried to suppress us. He insisted that the body he buried was that of his late father. But it was not so and we knew the truth. Meanwhile, Star of David told that the family had confirmed the identity of the deceased at the cemetery before the burial. 

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