Mexico San Luis Rio Colorado Man Set Fire On Bar After Thrown Out Total 11 People Died Several Injured

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 10:24 AM IST

Mexico Bar Fire: A fire broke out at 1:33 am on Saturday (July 22) in a bar in Mexico’s San Luis Rio Colorado. 11 people died in this incident. San Luis Rio Colorado police officers informed that they have also arrested a suspect in connection with the fire, who was expelled from the club due to a minor dispute. Enraged by this action, the man set the club on fire.

The Sonora Attorney General issued a statement informing that the fire incident was carried out at the bar of San Luis Rio Colorado, located near the US border city of San Luis Arizona. In this accident, about a dozen people were burnt to death.

was misbehaving with women
Sonora’s Attorney General Gustavo Romulo Salas Chavez told a news conference on Saturday that a 17-year-old boy and a female US citizen were among those killed. Chavez said Mexican authorities are still trying to confirm whether the woman who died had Mexican citizenship.

Police officials said that the person who set the fire had a high level of intoxication. Security staff at the bar escorted the suspect out of the club. Several eyewitnesses said that apart from being intoxicated, the suspect was also misbehaving with the women present in the bar, due to which he was also shown the way out of the bar.

flaming molotov cocktail thrown
The suspect returned after being ejected from the bar, where he threw a lit Molotov cocktail. After this the bar caught fire and many people got burnt alive. The Attorney General said on Saturday that the main suspect is being questioned.

According to Chávez, at least six people were also injured. One person is admitted in the hospital. While two were discharged and the other three were transferred to an American hospital for treatment.

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