Pakistan Woman Journalist Arzoo Kazmi Ask About Jammu Kashmir Separatist Yasin Malik Death Sentenced In Viral Youtube Video | Pakistan On Yasin Malik: Why does India want to give death sentence to Yasin Malik? Indian said on YouTuber’s question

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 9:44 AM IST

Pakistan on Yasin Malik: Kashmir has always been a sensitive issue between Pakistan and India. Because of this, there is a dispute between the two countries every day. To make its plans successful, Pakistan always takes the people living here to its side to spread terror in Kashmir. In this, Yasin Malik is such a face, who, living in India, helped terror to flourish in the valleys of Kashmir. However, now Yasin Malik is in the custody of the Government of India and the case is going on.

Recently, Pakistani female journalist Arju Kazmi has talked to Indian political expert Aditya Raj Kaul on the issue of Yasin Malik. Arju Kazmi asked the Indian expert why the Government of India wanted to give him death sentence. On this, Aditya Kaul said that he got training in using weapons from the Pakistani army, after which he started attacking after coming to India.

Yasin Malik’s daughter appealed
Pakistani YouTuber informed that Yasin Malik’s daughter living in Pakistan had recently appealed to PM Narendra Modi to release her father. On this, the Indian expert said that Yasin Malik came to India and got the attacks done.

His main target was Indian Security Force and Hindu Pandits living in Kashmir. He had first killed four Indian Air Force men in Kashmir.

Indian expert claims
Indian expert claimed that Yasin Malik was a double agent. He killed many people, so according to the law of India, he should be punished. While giving an interview to BBC, he confessed that he had killed the Indian.

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