Highest Number Of Skilled Pakistani Nationals Left The Country In Search Of Jobs In 2022 Report

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 22, 2023 9:17 PM IST

Skilled Pakistani Nationals Left Country: Lakhs of educated youths from Pakistan passing through economic crisis have migrated abroad. For which the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment Records has released figures, which is worrying for Pakistan.

According to the Dawn report, the data of the last 10 years shows that in 2022, the maximum number of highly skilled (skilled) Pakistani citizens have left their country in search of jobs. According to the report, in the last decade, around 150,059 highly skilled (highly qualified) Pakistani nationals left their country for jobs.

According to the Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment records, in 2020, the lowest number of highly qualified citizens of Pakistan left the country. Due to the effect of Corona, this year only 5,121 skilled citizens went out of the country for jobs.

Most Pakistanis went abroad from Rawalpindi

Apart from this, the record from 1971 till now shows that maximum number of people have gone abroad from Rawalpindi of Pakistan. Since 1970, more than 3.3 million (3.3 million) people have traveled abroad from this district alone. According to statistics, since 1971, 6.46 million (64 lakh 60 thousand) Pakistanis have gone to Saudi Arabia in search of jobs.

The least number of people who went abroad in 2020

On the other hand, talking about the figures released from the year 2013, in that year a total of 12,057 highly skilled citizens went out of their country for the sake of jobs. In the next year i.e. 2014, 14,647 highly skilled citizens left the country. In the same order, in the year 2015, 17,484 highly skilled Pakistanis, in 2016, 16,510 highly skilled Pakistanis went abroad.

A total of 496,286 people went out of Pakistan in search of jobs in 2017 but these included 16,029 highly skilled Pakistani nationals. The same situation remained in the year 2018, when out of total 382,439 citizens of Pakistan, 16,105 were highly skilled citizens. In 2019, out of 625,876 Pakistanis, 15,525 highly skilled citizens went outside Pakistan in search of jobs.

Most highly skilled Pakistani nationals went abroad in 2022

In the year 2021, a total of 288,280 Pakistanis went abroad in search of jobs, out of which 7,396 were highly skilled citizens. The total number of Pakistanis leaving the country in search of work in 2022 was 832,339. Of these, 17,976 were highly qualified citizens, which is a new record for Pakistan.

However, according to the report, by June 2023, about 10,845 highly qualified citizens of Pakistan out of total 395,166 have left the country for jobs abroad. In such a situation, last year’s record can also be broken this year.

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