North Korea Launches Cruise Missiles Into Sea After Warning Over US Sub

By Pooja Bhardwaj July 22, 2023 2:12 PM IST

South Korea: North Korea has once again fired two ballistic missiles into the sea on Saturday. This has been claimed by the South Korean army. This is the second missile launch by North Korea this week. Yonhap news agency has given this information.

According to the report, Yonhap cited South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff as saying that South Korea detected several launches at 4 am local time on Saturday. In such a situation, the specifications of the missiles are being investigated with the help of the US Army.

North Korea has threatened nuclear action

Significantly, the tension between North Korea and South Korea has increased in recent times. It has come to the point that North Korea is threatening South Korea with nuclear action. In fact, Pyongyang directly threatened when the American nuclear-capable submarine reached South Korea. In response to which Seoul responded to North Korea and said that if it uses nuclear weapons, it will have to face serious consequences. Not only this, South Korea has even said that the use of nuclear weapons will also be the end of Kim Jong Un’s rule.

America told dangerous

American Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh criticized North Korea for this threat and called it dangerous. After receiving a nuclear threat from North Korea, South Korea’s defense ministry said Seoul and Washington have already made it clear that any nuclear attack on the alliance would be met with a swift and befitting response.

Tension in North Korea and America too

Let us tell you that relations between North Korea and America have also remained tense. In fact, Washington is demanding the release of the American soldier from North Korea who entered its border area on foot on Tuesday. Please tell that there is no direct diplomatic relation between the two countries.

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