Man was kicking punching bag, then dog standing nearby did something like this… video went viral

By Rishu Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 7:55 PM IST

The man was practicing on the punching bag, then the dog did something like this..Video went viral - India TV Hindi

Man was practicing on punching bag then dog did something like this video viral

Nowadays some or the other kind of video goes viral on different social media platforms. Some videos are also very strange in this. One such strange video is becoming very viral on social media. You too will not be able to stop laughing while watching this video. Actually, in the viral video, a man is practicing on his punching bag, after which the dog present there with him also tries to punch by jumping on the punching bag.

Pet dogs are often seen imitating you. Whatever you do, they try to do the same. As you can also see in this video which went viral. In the video shared, a man is seen kicking a punching bag. As he takes a break, a white colored dog joins him and jumps on him to show off his skills and talents. The furry animal jumps up and tries to lunge at the punching bag. Tries many times but doesn’t succeed. After a few seconds, the man kicks the bag again and the dog tries to imitate it again. In a moment of victory, it succeeds in hitting the bag and continues to do so until the end of the 15-second video.

Users gave such reactions

Users have given their reactions fiercely on the video going viral. Such as “‘What breed of dog is that? An American bull dog?’ A user said, ‘No yaar kickboxer.’ Another user said, “I am not familiar with this breed, what is this? kickboxer?”

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