Know How Many Messages A Free User Can Send In Twitter After Elon Musk New DM Limit

By Sunil Tiwari July 23, 2023 9:35 AM IST

Twitter DM Limit: If you have not subscribed to Twitter Blue, now you will be able to send only a limited number of DMs in a day. That is, you can send only a few messages. Elon Musk has taken this step to get rid of spam and bots. Although it is not yet clear whether this limit related to unverified account is for everyone or will be applicable only to non-followers. It means to say whether free users will be able to send a limited number of messages to non-followers or this limit will be applicable for all (followers). This step of Elon Musk will increase the number of Twitter Blue subscribers, as well as control spam.

Earlier, the company had launched a new DM setting in which messages coming from followers will come in the inbox while non-followers (who are verified) will go to their message request box. Apart from this, users can also make changes in DM settings. You can decide who can send you messages.

Apart from advertising, the company is focusing on other methods for revenue.

Elon Musk does not want to leave Twitter solely on the basis of advertising. So he started Twitter Blue so that he could increase the revenue. Now Musk is adopting all those methods so that the number of blue users can be increased on the platform.

How many messages can free users do in a day?

Currently, there is no official information from the company about how many messages free users can send in a day. However, tester Abhishek Yadav has shared this information on Twitter that free users can also send only 20 messages in a day.

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