How To Make UPI Payment In Other Countries Step By Step Guide NRI Can Do The Same Way

By Sunil Tiwari July 23, 2023 7:54 AM IST

How to make UPI payment in other countries? Other countries are also adopting India’s popular digital payment service, UPI. The information was revealed last day that Sri Lanka has also made an agreement on UPI and soon people here too will be able to make payments through UPI apps. Some time ago PM Modi was on a tour of France where he had announced that soon UPI payment service will start in France as well. Overall, the Government of India wants to spread the payment service of the country all over the world so that people do not face any problem while traveling.

UPI service is available in these countries

United Arab Emirates
hong kong
South Korea
United Kingdom

If you travel to any of these countries, you can pay with the help of PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Paytm and other UPI apps. Note, UPI has not started everywhere in these countries at present. Because it is still in the initial stage, therefore you will not get the facility of UPI payment everywhere. This service is being extended gradually.

How will the payment be done abroad?

Making payment is very easy. First of all download any UPI app. After this link your bank account with it as we do in India. After linking the bank account, you need to enter the details of the receiver in the app like bank account number, IBAN and BIC. You will get a message on completion of payment.

If you are NRI then make payment like this

Download any UPI app. Link your NRE or NRO account with the app. You will also have to enter your Indian account number and bank details. You can make payment after the account is linked.

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