Horoscope Today July 24 2023 Read Your Astrological Predictions Aaj Ka Rashifal By Astrologer Suresh Shrimali

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 6:15 AM IST

Horoscope Today 24 July 2023, Today’s Daily Horoscope: Till 01:43 this afternoon Shashti Tithi will again be Saptami Tithi. Hasta Nakshatra will remain Chitra Nakshatra till 10:13 tonight. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Shiv Yoga will be supported by planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, then you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga. Moon will be in Virgo.

Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today, today there are two times. From 10.15 am to 11.15 am there will be auspicious choghadiya and from 04.00 pm to 06.00 pm there will be Labh-Amrit Choghadiya. There, Rahukal will remain from 07:30 to 09:00 in the morning.

Moon will be in the 6th house to reduce physical stress. With obstacles in online business, new avenues can be found in your hands. “You should overcome small obstacles, because man stumbles on small stones, not on mountains.” In business, you will not have to worry much about financial matters.

Will be able to complete any task at the workplace with new freshness and enthusiasm. Everyone will be happy with the work of the employees. With the formation of Budhaditya and Shiv Yoga, you can get a joining letter from any MNC company. But this time is challenging for love affairs in married life and relationships. There will be a decrease in the concentration of the students. The problem of stiffness in the body can be troubling.

Moon will remain in the fifth house, which will result in sudden monetary gain. You may have to take a gold loan to make up for the loss in business. Business can get benefits from government works till noon. You have to control your excessive impatience at the workplace. The time will not be known due to the high burden of work on the employees.

You will understand the seriousness of love with your life partner and relative. There will be a lot of romance in love and married life. Students playfulness can distract your attention. Avoid such friends who take you away from studies. Its effect will be seen on your result. Already suffering from some physical problem, due to lack of proper diagnosis, their treatment may get delayed.

Gemini (Gemini)-
Moon will remain in the fourth house, due to which the matters of land and building will be resolved. In industries business, you will have to face problems due to lack of proper man power. Difficulties will have to be faced in maintaining the reputation gained in business. There may be an increase in unnecessary expenses on the workspace. Employees will have to face obstacles in their work. You will have to face difficulties in getting the bills cleared in the government office. Your problems can increase only because of your mistakes at the social and political level.

Your partner will be disturbed by your behavior in married life and relationship and will feel lonely. Due to family problems, students will face difficulties in studies. Health will improve partially, but if seen widely, there is a need to increase vigilance.

Cancer (Cancer)-
Moon will remain in the third house, due to which courage and courage will increase. With the formation of Budhaditya and Shiv Yoga, you will get new orders in the scrap gold business. In business, you should stay away from the stock market or any kind of betting, otherwise you may get into big trouble. You will show your skills at the workplace, as well as you will get many opportunities for progress. Employees will be happy if they get the support of higher officials.

You will feel some relief from the controversies coming in married life and relationship. The advice of elders in the family will prove to be very beneficial for you. Competitive examinees should not make any kind of mistakes in studies. Will be a little worried about health. Some problems will have to be faced in business related travel.

Leo (Leo)-
Moon will be in the second house which may cause financial problems. Money will be spent in getting the repair work done in hotel, motel and restaurant business. Due to the formation of Budhaditya and Shiv Yoga, there can be good news of promotion and transfer at workplace. There may be a slight change in the health of the employees due to the official rush. In married life and relationship, your chances of staying in contact with your beloved can increase through direct meeting or conversation in the evening.

Candle light dinner can be planned with love and spouse. Study abroad issues can be a bit difficult to resolve. You will be successful in getting your work done politely at the social level. “If you want to become something in life, then learn to be humble, because even a small seed has to be buried under the ground, to become a tree.” It is advised to take special care in terms of health.

Virgo (Virgo)-
The moon will remain in your zodiac, due to which there will be intellectual development. Due to team management in chemical and oil business, you will climb the stairs of success. “Every player is individual, but a team can beat the best.” At this time you will be able to work diligently, but there may be delay in completing any project in hand or having important discussions with the superiors. It is time for employed people to be careful. Opponent is sitting in ambush.

You will get better happiness in married life and relationship, but especially you are considering relationships only as a medium of fun. Remove such thoughts from your mind. Students doing research work will be benefited. High officials and political pressure may be too much on you, but you will get success in that. There can be a state of ups and downs in health.

Moon will be in 12th house due to which legal matters will be resolved. You will work diligently in business, but there may be delay in completing any project at hand or in important discussions with superiors. Looking at the trend, some changes have to be brought in the business, due to which your expenditure will increase. There can be an argument with a colleague at the workplace after noon. Be a little cautious. Employees should not do any work in haste, it may cost you dearly. But with the support of family and relatives, you will feel better.

Due to the changed behavior in love and married life, situations of difference of opinion and differences may arise. The student will have to work hard to achieve his goal. “Luck is of two letters, luck is of two and a half letters, luck is of three letters, luck is of three and a half letters, but all four of them are smaller than the hard work of four letters.” There will be partial improvement regarding health, but if seen broadly, there is a need to increase vigilance. Be careful during personal travel.

Moon will be in 11th house due to which income will increase. Due to the formation of Budhaditya and Shiv Yoga, you can get new orders in garment and readymade business even before the old orders are completed. You will get mixed results in partnership work in business. The blessings of elders will provide growth in your business. The search for a new job can be completed for employed people. You can get a job offer from any MNC company. The environment at the workplace will be favorable for the employees.

You can be proud of any work on the workspace. “Never be proud of any of your skills in life because when a stone falls into water, it sinks by its own weight.” Will be successful in solving the problems coming in married life and relationship. There will be no limit to your happiness if the students get the full support of teachers and friends. Problems related to bones will remain troubled due to increase.

Moon will remain in the 10th house, so that you can follow the ideals of your father. Your income will increase due to increase in the market value of electronics and electronics business. In business, you will pay more attention to professional matters. The workload on employed people will be less. There can be a mood to celebrate a party in the office.

Employees will be worried about the work at first but will slowly enjoy the work. In married life and relationship, the conversation with the loved one living far away will also increase. Time will be favorable for love and married life. Students will be busy in extra activities. Will be troubled by the problem of obesity and physical weakness.

Moon will be in 9th house due to which spiritual knowledge will increase. With the formation of Budhaditya and Shiv Yoga, you may get an offer to promote your product on social media for free. There will be progress in business related to chemical, medicine, government or government. Time will be good for handling any distant work at workplace. Those who do evil to the employees will be harmed. You will be more serious about relationships in married life and relationships.

Everyone will be surprised to see your changed behavior in the family. “Behavior is the auspicious urn of the house, and humanity is the vault of the house, sweet speech is the wealth of the house, and peace is the Mahalakshmi of the house.” You will be successful in trying to improve relationships in love and married life. Students will get the right platform to prove their talent. Problems related to bones, chances of diabetes etc. may increase.

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Moon will remain in the 8th house, due to which there may be problems in the in-laws’ house. If you look broadly in business, there is a need to be careful about financial matters. There can be some big expenditure till noon. You can do some kind of cheating on your own at the workspace. You would be surprised. Employees may travel to a place where you have not been before. Due to the changing mood in married life and relationship, the possibility of a slight adverse effect on the relationship cannot be ruled out.

You may remain worried about the health of the parents in the family. “If a person recognizes culture before education, behavior before business, parents before God, then there will never be any difficulty in life.” You will not be able to fulfill the promise made to love and life partner. Time will be a bit difficult for people interested in science and commerce. Due to ill health, you will not be able to go for a picnic or outing with your loved ones.

Moon will remain in the 7th house, due to which there will be sweetness in the relationship between husband and wife. Equalizing others in the transport and logistics business can prove to be harmful for you. In business, you will keep the tasks related to foreign deals on first priority. In which you will also be successful. Being very enthusiastic in any new work at the workplace will be beneficial for you to some extent. But don’t lose your senses in enthusiasm. Employees will impress everyone with their work.

The talent of competitive examinees will be appreciated. You can make up your mind to watch a new movie with your spouse and relative. Your inclination towards spiritual programs can increase. Movie and shopping can be planned with love and spouse. You will be able to spread the magic of your words through social and political platform. “Happiness from words, sorrow from words, pain from words, words are ointment” Pay attention to food and drink in the matter of health, and make a diet chart and follow it.