Government’s big decision on painkillers, now this medicine will not be available easily

By Divya Ray July 23, 2023 11:22 PM IST

The government has been making rules and regulations regarding the sale of medicines. Many times different types of medicines have also been banned. But now the government has decided that no one can just go and buy painkillers from the medical store. According to the new rule of the Delhi government, no chemist can now dispense painkillers without a prescription. If anyone is found doing so, strict action will be taken against him.

What is the order?

On behalf of the Delhi government, the Department of Drug Control has issued an order saying that all chemists in Delhi will keep a complete record of painkillers. Along with this, no chemist will give pain killer to any person without doctor’s prescription. The Delhi government has taken this decision in view of the increasing incidence of vector-borne diseases like dengue and chikungunya.

Which diseases are caused by painkillers?

Let me tell you, if you use painkillers even in slight physical pain, then be careful now. Because the painkiller will cure that mild pain in your body, but will leave such a serious disease within you, which may even lead to your death.

According to the reports, if you consume more painkillers, it leaves many serious effects in your body. It starts affecting your kidney, liver and heart. On the other hand, if you have taken more than necessary painkiller, then you can also become a victim of heart attack or stroke. That’s why experts advise to take necessary advice from a doctor before taking painkillers. These include problems like loose motion, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, bleeding or stomach ulcers. Along with this, it also includes lack of sleep, breathing problems, skin rash and burning sensation along with itching in the body.

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