Health Tips Kneaded Dough Side Effects In Monsoon

By Divya Ray July 23, 2023 12:39 PM IST

Health Tips: The risk of infection is high during the rainy season. That’s why it is advised to take special care of health. Due to the changes that take place in this season, the body’s metabolism slows down. For this reason, the immune system becomes weak, due to which the risk of diseases increases. In such weather, the most important thing is food. That’s why some things should be avoided. In many houses, flour is kneaded and kept in the fridge in this season and later it is used, which can be dangerous. By making such a mistake, the health (Kneaded Dough Side Effects) can be spoiled. Let’s know why…

dough spoilage

Sometimes the kneaded dough is used for several days. Flour is stored in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling, but bacteria can grow in the dough kneaded in the rain. There are also some bacteria, which can also increase the risk of food poisoning. Apart from this, the problem of acidity and constipation can also arise.

Bacteria can increase the risk

It has been told in many research that maximum bacteria can be produced at low temperature. During the rainy season, a bacteria named Listeria monocytogenes can cause many serious diseases. It can grow easily at low temperature of fridge. So whenever you keep something in the fridge, clean it thoroughly before that.

Dough keeping method

According to health experts, only fresh flour should be used in the rainy season. If you want to keep the dough after kneading it in the fridge, then do not keep much amount of water in it while kneading it. Because excess water can spoil the dough quickly. You can use a container or a zip lock bag to keep the dough in the fridge.

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