Health Tips Right Time And Way To Check Body Weight In Hindi

By Divya Ray July 23, 2023 12:01 PM IST

Right Time To Check Weight: Whether to gain weight or lose weight, the more effort you put in eating and drinking, the more you put in exercise, it is equally important to check your weight properly. Often a weight machine is used to check the weight. When the measurement of weight comes differently, they get confused. Sometimes it also seems that the machine is telling more weight because of eating more. However, this does not happen. A few days ago, nutritionist Apoorva Agarwal shared a video on Instagram, in which she explained how to check weight and when. Let’s know…

Do not check the weight after the weekend

In the weekend, most people eat favorite things and skip exercise. In such a situation, when the weight is checked after the weekend, the correct measurement is not found. When there is excess weight, there is a lack of confidence, which affects the process of reducing weight.

Avoid checking weight immediately after workout

By checking the weight immediately after the workout, it is not known correctly. Actually, by exercising, more sweat comes out of the body. Because of this the measurement of weight is not accurate.

Do not check weight during periods and constipation

Checking weight in periods and constipation should be avoided anytime. Due to bloating and water retention in the period, it is difficult to get the correct test of the weight. In the same way, in constipation also the weight becomes more. So both the conditions are not correct for checking the weight.

Best time to check weight

If you want to check your weight, then the right time to check weight is in the morning. At this time, after getting fresh, you can check your weight. For this it is also necessary to stand properly on the machine. With this you can find out the correct weight.

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