Kargil Vijay Diwas Story Of Param Vir Chakra Awardee Yogendra Singh Yadav

By Neha Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:16 PM IST

Kargil Vijay Diwas: Who can forget the Kargil war, when the bravehearts of the Indian Army laid down their lives to chase away the enemy who had entered the country’s border. On July 26, 1999, India’s victory in this war was declared and the tricolor started hoisting proudly on the peaks of Kargil. In memory of the same victory, every year July 26 is celebrated as Kargil Vijay Diwas.

There were many heroes of the Kargil war, one of them is Paramveer Chakra winner Yogendra Singh Yadav, who took not one, not two, 15 bullets but kept fighting the enemy and conquered Tiger Hill. He is called Hero of Tiger Hill.

The story is like a Bollywood movie

This story may sound like a script of a Bollywood film, but it was Paramveer Chakra winner Yogendra Singh Yadav, who single-handedly captured Tiger Hill by the Indian Army on the basis of his indomitable courage. At that time his age was only 19 years.

When the Kargil war started in the summer of 1999, Yogendra Yadav had just completed his training in the army. As part of 18 Grenades, he was assigned the task of capturing Tiger Hill, where Pakistani troops had infiltrated.

Pakistani soldiers were firing from above

Three years ago in 2021, while talking to ABP News, Yadav told the chilling story of that night. He said, it was the night of July 3-4, we were climbing towards the top in the morning. There were bunkers on both sides of the enemy but it was not visible due to the darkness. Firing started from the other side. Only 7 soldiers could climb up.

He told that hand-to-hand fighting started as soon as he reached the top, four-five Pakistani soldiers were killed but the most difficult times were ahead. The entire company of Pakistan was at the peak. The enemy soldiers were about 150 to 200 in number.

When the Pakistani soldiers saw that the Indian army was reaching up, they started firing heavily. Yogendra Yadav told that we were in such a condition that even if we take one step forward, head shoot and take one step back, even then head shoot, that means death was certain, we moved forward.

Martyrs became companions one by one

Yogendra Yadav said, we kept moving forward and the attack of Pakistani army kept happening again and again. During this, each of his companions kept getting martyred in front of his eyes. He too fainted after getting injured.

Pakistani soldiers were firing on the Indian soldiers who fell on the ground. Yogendra Yadav told that when he had fallen, he was shot thrice. The arm bone had come out, the leg was badly injured, could not walk, but did not lose courage.

When Yadav regained consciousness, he saw that some Pakistani soldiers were still present. He took a grenade from nearby and hurled it at the soldiers, killing three. He tried to get up but found that his hand was dangling over his body. He tied the hand to the torso with the belt and started collecting the rifle.

Pakistani soldiers were put in a quandary

All of Yadav’s companions were martyred, but they started firing with different rifles, due to which the Pakistani soldiers thought that the second part of the Indian Army had reached for help and they did not move forward. Meanwhile, the Indian soldiers coming from below got a chance and they reached. Yadav was sent to the base hospital and the tricolor was hoisted on the peak.

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