Indian Woman Anju Went To Pakistan For Facebook Boyfriend Nasrullah Ann

By Neha Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 8:41 PM IST

Indian woman in Pakistan: Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan, is in the news a lot. A girl who reached Pakistan from India is being compared to Seema Haider. An Indian girl named Anju has reached Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan to meet her Facebook lover Nasrullah.

However, Anju had already applied to go to Pakistan before the Seema Haider issue and she went legally. Anju had applied on 21 June to go to the neighboring country. The person she has reached Pakistan to meet was a teacher in a school and currently works as a medical representative.

was friends with facebook

Both had met on social media and gradually both fell in love with each other. Anju, 35, had befriended 29-year-old Nasrullah on Facebook. Pak security sources say that the investigation of the friendship of both is going on, Indian girl Anju says that she cannot live without Nasrallah.

Security agencies are investigating

DPO DIR Bala Mushtaq Khan confirmed that DIR has come from India after the girl’s Facebook friendship. Investigation is being done in relation to the girl. The girl is with the police and security agencies are probing the girl, as soon as the girl is found, the media will be informed about the situation.

Some things are similar in the story of Seema-Anju

There is a lot in common in the story of Seema and Anju. Both have come out of their country in the affair of love. Both are facing inquiry. Both fell in love online. However, Seema’s PUBG was the beginning of Anju’s conversation on Facebook.

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