Bihar Girl Priti Cuts Off Lights Everyday To Meet Boyfriend Rajkumar

By Neha Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 5:41 PM IST

Bihar News: A state in Eastern India Of daughter Did One Girl has Our boyfriend From dark In to meet Of For Our whole Village Did Power cut Tax Gave, Girl Of Name Love told Go Stayed Is, Who Our Lover Prince From to meet Of For Each Times As such does Was, Although, This Times Village Of people has Both To See took And Complete Case everyone’s Front came,

Love Miss Of Together Prince Of affair Of Cause last One Week From West Champaran Of Two villages Of Middle Tension born Are Went Was, Rural Times,Times having Wali Electricity deduction From Worried Were, When people To Times-Times light go Of original Cause Address walked So All To Enough Anger Came,

One Rural Govind Chieftain has India today To told,Love Each Night Village Did Electricity cutting gives Was, whose Cause Village In Many thefts would have were, We That Girl From Worried Were, Many Times Electricity deduction From Worried the villagers has Electricity Department From Complaint Too Did, But Any Benefit No Happened,

Village people has Many Times Did Was Complaint

Govind has told That When Complaint Of Afterwards Too Some No Happened So Village people has Self only Electricity go Of Back Of Cause to know Of Decision Did And Next Times When Electricity Went So They Prince And Love To One Together grasp took, By which They Astonished remain Went,

viral Are Stayed young boy Did spanking Of Video

the villagers has young boy Did spanking Tax Gave, whose Afterwards He Our the gang To Call took And the villagers But assault Tax Gave, social Media But Now viral Are are One Video In Shown Went Is That Prince To Rural sticks From Pete are Are And His lover Him to save Did Effort Tax doing Is,

Temple In routed Went Marriage

Video In saw Go Can Is That People Love From boys Of about In asking are Are, There itself, Girl people From Him No kill Of For Lyrics doing Are, Afterwards In Both villages Of people has Initiative Did And Prince To Love From Marriage to do Of Suggestion Gave And One local Temple In Both Did Marriage do it Gave Went.

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