Madras High Court Said Courts In Tamil Nadu And Puducherry Can Display Photo Of Gandhiji And Thiruvalluvar But Not Of BR Ambedkar

By Neha Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 4:54 PM IST

Madras High Court News: The Madras High Court has made a big comment regarding the picture of BR Ambedkar. The court said that the courts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry can only put photographs of Mahatma Gandhi and Tamil poet-saint Thiruvalluvar. The Registrar-General of the High Court had issued a circular in this regard on July 7.

Issued a circular to all district courts, including the Principal District Judge of Kanchipuram, directing them to ask the bar association in Alandur to remove BR Ambedkar’s photo from the entrance hall of the court complex. In fact, many advocates associations have sought permission to unveil the photographs of Ambedkar and senior advocates of the concerned association. In a meeting held on 11 April, the Full Bench of the High Court rejected all such requests.

What was said in the circular?

Referring to the old orders in this regard, the circular said that in view of the fact that there have been incidents in which statues of national leaders have been damaged, resulting in law and order situation at various places. In 2010 also, the court had resolved not to allow the construction of any more statues in the court premises.

referred to previous proposals

Similarly, on 27 April 2013, the Full Court directed the Principal District Judge of Kancheepuram to persuade the Alandur Court Lawyers Association to remove Ambedkar’s portrait and rejected the Cuddalore Bar’s request to install his portrait in the newly constituted special courts, the circular said.

Action will be taken if instructions are not followed

It further added that recently on April 11, the Full Court considered a similar request and reiterated all earlier resolutions and unanimously decided that except for the statues and portraits of Gandhiji and Thiruvalluvar, no other images would be displayed anywhere inside the court premises. The Registrar-General directed that action would be taken against any violation by giving an appropriate complaint to the Bar Council of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

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