Wife Cuts Husband Private Part After Caught Him Watching Ex Instagram Reels

By Neha Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 3:13 PM IST

Wife Cuts Husband Genitals: A man was shocked to see his ex-wife’s Insta reel. Due to this, his second wife was so angry that she cut off the private part of her husband with a blade. This shocking incident is from NTR district of Andhra Pradesh. After the incident, the family members took the man to the hospital, where his condition is said to be stable.

The Times of India quoted the police as saying that the victim, Anand Babu (26), was married 6 years ago, but separated from his wife after frequent quarrels. Four years back he had married a woman named Varamma. Since then, both live in Mappla village of NTR district and earn their living by working as daily wage labourers.

wife saw while watching video

On Saturday (July 22) morning, Varamma noticed that her husband Anand Babu was busy with the mobile. He went near and saw that the husband was watching his ex-wife’s video on Instagram. Seeing this, Varamma’s anger rose and after this a heated argument started between the husband and wife, which escalated to a fight. The angry wife attacked the husband with a blade and cut off his private part.

admitted to hospital

Hearing the screams, the people around reached and saw that Anand’s body was bleeding profusely. He was immediately taken to Nandigam Government Hospital and later referred to Vijayawada for treatment. Doctors told that there was a deep wound on Anand’s private part. The doctors have stitched the cut part and joined it. He was discharged from the hospital when his condition was stable.

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