Weather Update Heavy Rainfall In Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra Gujarat Flood Like Situation

By Neha Bhardwaj July 23, 2023 7:46 AM IST

IMD Weather Updates: Heavy rains have been witnessed in many parts of the country. Monsoon rains from the plains to the hilly states showed a scene of devastation. Although there has been relief from the rains for the last few days, but the humid weather has made life difficult for the people.

In the next few days, the maximum temperature is expected to be above 33 degree and below 38 degree and the minimum temperature is expected to be less than 30 degree but above 25 degree.

Chance of rain in these areas

The weather forecasting agency said that isolated extremely heavy rainfall activity is likely to continue over Konkan, Ghats regions of Madhya Maharashtra and Gujarat state during next two days, while light rain is likely to continue over remaining parts of Northeast and East India during next 4-5 days.

In the weather bulletin issued by IMD, it has been said that till July 25, significant rainfall and some heavy rains are expected in the weather conditions in different regions of India. The weather forecasting agency said, “Heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places very likely over Mumbai during next two days. Heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places over Goa, Madhya Maharashtra and Ghat areas of Gujarat state.”

Rain wreaks havoc in these areas

The havoc of rain has been seen in Gujarat. Due to cloudburst, the area of ​​Junagadh got submerged in the flood and the cattle got washed away in the strong current. There has been no less rain in Gujarat. Flood has caused tremendous devastation in Meghpur village of Somnath. Farmers have suffered huge losses due to water logging in their fields. There has been heavy rain in many parts of Madhya Pradesh. Due to the rain in Chhindwara, the water level increased. The situation got so bad that a gate of Machagora Dam had to be opened.

Apart from Madhya Pradesh, water is also writing the story of trouble in Uttar Pradesh. In Bijnor, the lives of 40 people traveling in a roadways bus were threatened. A bus going from Bahraich to Haridwar got stuck in the strong current of water in Bijnor. The bus got stuck in the middle of the way in such a way that there was a lot of grief among the passengers. Then the crane was called in a hurry. Passengers trapped in the bus were taken out one by one with the help of JCB machine.

There is tremendous waterlogging in many parts of Punjab. After heavy rains in Amritsar, the road leading to Darbar Sahib was filled to the brim. Due to which the devotees had to face troubles. The situation is bad in Himachal Pradesh too. Heavy rains have spoiled the map of Rohru area of ​​Shimla district. Such was the situation in Maharashtra that the Air Force had to come for the rescue of the people.

There was such a severe flood in Laila Khad that everything was ruined. Three people got buried under the debris. While the debris has also caused heavy damage to many vehicles, but the crisis has not averted yet, the Meteorological Department has issued an alert for heavy rains in Himachal for the next three days. The rains have created havoc in Chamba and Kullu as well.

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