West Bengal Malda Video Of Two Women Beaten By Mob Police Arrested Five Accused And Victim Associated With BJP | West Bengal: Big claim of police in case of thrashing half-naked in Bengal, 5 arrested including victim, said

By Neha Bhardwaj July 22, 2023 9:33 PM IST

West Bengal Politics: The BJP on Saturday (July 22) claimed that a group of people stripped and assaulted two tribal women in West Bengal’s Malda district. Malda police arrested five people including three women in this case.

Police told that the search for one is going on and the women who were beaten up are not tribals but from scheduled castes. Giving shocking information, the police said that among the five arrested, there are also two women who were beaten up because they were wanted in some other case. All these five are associated with BJP.

At the same time, the arrested people told the police that they suspected that these two women had stolen the purse from their bag.

What did BJP say?
The BJP alleged that the police remained mute spectators when two tribal women were stripped naked and tortured in Bengal a few days ago. BJP’s IT department chief Amit Malviya said the incident was carried out on July 19 in Malda district by a mob that was “thirsty for her (the woman’s) blood”.

Mentioned Mamta Banerjee
Malviya also shared a video with blurred images of the alleged crime. Malviya took a dig at the outspoken West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the Manipur incident, saying, “It was a tragedy that should have broken Mamata Banerjee’s heart had she taken action instead of just showing outrage, as she is also the Home Minister of Bengal.” ,

Opposition parties are targeting the BJP over the incident of parading two women naked in Manipur, where it is in power. At the same time, BJP is highlighting similar cases of atrocities against women in states ruled by opposition parties like Congress and Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress.

Taking a dig at Banerjee, Malviya said that she (Mamata) has decided not to do anything in the matter. He said, “Neither did he condemn the vandalism nor express pain and anguish because that would have exposed his own failure as a chief minister.

What happened in Manipur?
A video of the incident that took place in Manipur on May 4 recently went viral on social media, in which a group of men are seen parading two women naked. TMC Chief Mamta Banerjee had said on this that the heart is broken and anger is coming.

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