Parliament Monsoon Session 2023 Congress Opposition Alliance India Will Protest Over PM Modi Statement Manipur Women Parade

By Neha Bhardwaj July 22, 2023 6:16 PM IST

Parliament Monsoon Session 2023: Violence continues in Manipur and the opposition is attacking the government on Wednesday (July 19) after the case of stripping and parading women came to the fore.

Amid deadlock in Parliament over debate on Manipur violence, MPs from various opposition parties have planned a protest near Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in Parliament premises on Monday (July 22) to press for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement on the issue in both Houses.

What will the opposition parties do?
News agency PTI quoted sources as saying that leaders of various opposition parties, who have now formed the ‘India’ alliance, will meet in the chamber of Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge and discuss their future strategy in Parliament.

On Monday (July 24), after the meeting at 10 am, the leaders will protest near the Gandhi statue before entering both the Houses.

What does the opposition want?
The government has agreed to hold a short-term discussion on the Manipur issue with Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s reply, but the opposition is demanding the PM’s statement first and has stuck to this demand, especially after a video of two women being paraded naked and assaulted in a village in Manipur surfaced on social media.

Besides this, the opposition wants a debate by allowing all parties to speak in the House without any time limit and has been registering a protest on the issue since the monsoon session began on Thursday (July 20).

At the same time, the government has accused the opposition parties of running away from the debate on this important issue and questioned their seriousness towards it.

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