Manipur Viral Video Victim Mother Says First Saw Death Of Husband And Son Now Sexual Assault With Daughter

By Neha Bhardwaj July 22, 2023 3:47 PM IST

Manipur Women Viral Video: People have been angry since the video of two women being paraded without clothes in the caste violence affected state of Manipur. Everyone from politicians to actors have condemned it and demanded strictest punishment for the accused. Now the statement of the mother of one of the women who were paraded naked regarding this matter has come to the fore.

The victim’s mother told NDTV, “There is no chance of my family ever returning to the village. Our houses have been burnt, our fields have been destroyed.” The woman’s mother is in deep shock and cannot speak for more than a few minutes. He alleged, “The Manipur government has not taken adequate steps to stop the violence or protect the people.”

The victim’s mother has lost her husband and son

The victim’s mother has lost her husband and son in this violence. She has seen her daughter being sexually assaulted in front of the entire village. Her husband and son were killed by the mob. After this, his daughter was stripped naked in front of everyone on 4th May. He was taken around the village and molested.

The pain of the victim’s mother

The woman said, “I have lost my youngest son, who was my only hope. I had a dream that once he completes 12th standard, he will do some work. My husband is also no more. The elder son does not have a job. I am scared when I think about my family’s future. I feel helpless.”

The matter came to light after 2 months of the incident

At the same time, one of the women has alleged in a conversation with the Indian Express that the women who paraded naked were “left to the crowd by the police”. According to the police, the FIR was registered after 15 days, but the first arrest was made on Thursday (July 20), when the video of the horrific incident went viral on social media.

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