What Is Latest Rate Of TMT Saria Rebar Prices At 2 Years Low More Down Trend To Come

By Sudhakar Yadav July 25, 2023 3:02 PM IST

The rainy season is in full swing. Almost entire North India is covered by monsoon. Due to the weather, it is raining heavily in many states, due to which floods and devastation are being faced. On the other hand, this season has brought relief and good news along with rain for some people. Yes, this season has brought relief for those people, who were getting worried due to the increasing cost of building houses.

There will be further reduction in prices

Now such people have got a big relief. Actually TMT bars have become very cheap in different parts of the country. According to a recent report by news agency PTI, the prices of TMT rebars are currently at a 24-month low. Positive things have also been said about the coming days in the report. The report says that this trend of falling rebar prices may continue for the next few quarters. I believe that the prices of rebars will keep on decreasing for the coming few months.

This is the latest price of TMT bars

PTI has given this news by quoting research firm Steelmint. Steelmint says that the prices of TMT bars made from blast furnace ie BF have come down to Rs 51,400 per tonne. On the other hand, the price of TMT rebar made from induction furnace (IA) has come down to just Rs 47,493 per tonne. These prices of steelmint are of 23 July.

Due to these reasons, the softening of the income rate

Steelmint says that the biggest reason for the recent decrease in the price of TMT bars is the pressure of inflation. According to him, the softness in the price of rebar is going to continue for the coming few quarters. At the same time, there is also a factor weather in this fall. It usually happens that the prices of construction materials come down during the rainy months. The reason for this is that the construction activities are affected due to changing weather, which affects the demand.

The price had reached lakh rupees

Let us tell you that the role of reeds is very big in building a strong house. Its participation in the total cost of building a house is also very high. In the past, the prices of Sariya had reached the record level. At one time, the price of rebar in the market had reached up to Rs 1 lakh per ton. In this way, not only is Sariya the cheapest in 2 years, but it is available at less than half the price as compared to the higher level.

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