Tomato Theft Again Thieves Took Away Tomatoes Worth Two Lakhs With Bolero

By Sudhakar Yadav July 23, 2023 2:46 PM IST

Tomato Price Update: Tomato prices have reached a record level across the country. Tomato prices are around 100 to 150 rupees in most of the states of the country. In such a situation, the incident of tomato theft has not stopped. Now another case of tomato theft has come to the fore. This time, along with the farmer’s vehicle, the thieves stole tomatoes worth two lakh rupees. This incident happened in Bangalore on Saturday.

Thieves made away with a farmer’s Mahindra Bolero jeep and a tomato worth Rs 2 lakh. The farmer’s car accidentally touched a car and his windshield broke. Meanwhile, the thieves executed the incident. A minor accident turned into a fight. After this, the thieves forcibly took the driver and the farmer to a deserted place. Leaving the farmer and the driver there, they fled with the vehicle.

Police informed that a farmer was taking his tomatoes from Hiriyur in Chitradurga district to Kolar market in a Mahindra Bolero jeep. The theft incident took place under the jurisdiction of APMC yard police station in Bengaluru city. The cost of tomatoes has been estimated at Rs 2 lakh. The police officer informed that during the fight, he demanded Rs 10,000 for the compensation of the car. After the dispute escalated, he was taken to a secluded place and left there and ran away.

When did tomatoes get stolen

When the farmer and the Beloro driver returned to the spot, they found that their vehicle was missing. The farmer told that there were tomatoes worth two lakh rupees in it. The farmer told that there were about 210 boxes of tomatoes in Beloro. Soon after the theft, the farmer and the Bolero driver immediately went to the RMC Yard police station to lodge a complaint. The incident took place around midnight on Saturday and the police are currently examining the CCTV footage to identify the culprits.

Police alerted the farmers

According to the report of Hindustan Times, after the registration of the FIR, the police has started its investigation in the matter. A case was registered under sections 379 (theft) and 390 (dacoity) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). At the same time, the police has asked the farmers of the entire state to remain alert.

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