Meet Chandubhai Viran Farmer Son Made A Company Worth 4000 Crores Starting From Zero, Know His Journey

By Sudhakar Yadav July 23, 2023 1:55 PM IST

Many such businesses have started in the country, which have been an inspiration for the people. Today we are going to tell about one such company. A farmer’s son has set up a company worth thousands of crores in a few years. Starting from zero, it spread its business across the country. His journey to build this successful business has been very inspiring. He has faced many challenges in his journey.

Chandubhai Virani was born in a farmer’s family in Gujarat. At the age of 15, Chandubhai and his family moved to Dhundoraji and depended on his father’s earnings. Chandubhai and his two brothers were given Rs 20,000 each. He used this money to start a business of agricultural products and agricultural machinery in Rajkot, but unfortunately that business failed within two years. In such a situation, the family got stuck in financial crisis.

job for one thousand rupees

Due to the poor financial condition of the family, Chandubhai also did small jobs for his family. He worked in a canteen of Astron Cinema and also repaired torn seats, also did the work of pasting posters of the company. Chandubhai also sold snacks in the cinema theatre. He used to get 1000 rupees every month for working in the canteen.

Entering Business with Chips

After understanding the demand of the people, Chandubhai once again took the risk of doing business. This time the preparation was good, due to which he got success and his life changed. He made a temporary shed in his house and started the chips business with a modest investment of Rs 10,000. The homemade chips were well received both inside and outside the theatres. After this success, Chandubhai took a big risk and opened Gujarat’s biggest potato wafer factory in 1989 at Aaji GIDC, Rajkot. For this, he took a loan of up to Rs 50 lakh from the bank.

company establishment

After getting a good response, Chandubhai and his brothers established Balaji Wafers Private Limited in 1992. It started with four facilities spread across the country and a daily production capacity of 6.5 million kg of potatoes and 10 million kg of namkeen.

Balaji Wafers a big company today

At present Balaji Wafers of Chandubhai Viyani has become a big company, which is giving employment to 5,000 persons. In this, 50 percent women work. Their manufacturing units at Rajkot and Valsad have grown substantially and their combined capacity produces 3,400 kg of chips per hour. At present, it has become a company of about 4000 crores. According to Forbes report, Valsad’s plant is one of the largest plants in Asia. This brand has grown continuously, which is now expanding its business further.

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