What Is The Highest Paid Job At Google Employees Salary Leaked Software Engineers Lead With This Much Amount

By Sudhakar Yadav July 23, 2023 1:43 PM IST

Who does not know the name of Google today? Every person who uses the Internet is familiar with Google. A large part of the world’s population continuously uses many of Google’s services in their daily lives. This is the reason that Google is currently counted among the biggest companies in the world. The company also gives money to its employees accordingly. You will be shocked to see the figure of salary received by the employees of Google.

Open talk from Google’s leaked data

A recent report by Business Insider has revealed the salary of Google employees. Due to the leakage of Google’s internal data, Business Insider got a list, in which the details of the salary received by the employees of Google were given. In the said sheet, it was told how Google gave salary to its employees in 2022.

average basic salary in google

In the list obtained by Business Insider, there are details of the salary received by about 12 thousand employees of Google last year. The employees whose salary details are in the list are working on posts ranging from software engineer to business analyst and sales person. Last year’s average salary of all those around 12 thousand employees was US $ 2,79,802 i.e. around Rs 2.30 crore. This figure is only of basic salary. Google also gives many other benefits to its employees.

condition of other top companies

If we look at the average basic salary of employees of top tech companies in the year 2022, Facebook’s parent company Meta is even ahead of Google. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average basic salary of Meta employees in 2022 was $ 2,96,320. Google ranked second after Meta in terms of average basic salary. While Salesforce and Adobe stood at the third and fourth place with $1,99,130 ​​and $1,70,679 respectively.

Big bonus after basic salary

Talking about the highest paid employees in Google, according to the report of Business Insider, software engineers are at the forefront. Google gave a maximum basic salary of $ 7,18,000 i.e. about Rs 5.90 crore to its software engineers last year. Add to this the options and bonus received apart from the base salary, then the figure becomes huge. According to available information, Google’s software engineers could avail options and bonuses worth $ 1.5 million, or about Rs 12.20 crore, in 2022. In this way, the total payment of Google’s software engineers reaches 18 crores.

The highest basic salary employees in Google are as follows:

Software Engineer: $7,18,000 (Rs 5.90 crore)
Engineering Manager: $4,00,000 (Rs 3.28 crore)
Enterprise Direct Sales: $3,77,000 (Rs 3.09 crore)
Legal Corporate Counsel: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore)
Sales Strategy: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore)
UX Design: $3,15,000 (Rs 2.58 crore)
Government Affairs and Public Policy: $3,12,000 (Rs 2.56 crore)
Research Scientist: $3,09,000 (Rs 2.53 crore)
Cloud sales: $3,02,000 (Rs 2.47 crore)
Program Manager: $3,00,000 (Rs 2.46 crore)

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