Best Multibagger Stock 2023 Mazagon Dock Shares Hit Record High 10 Times Jump In Two And Half Years

By Sudhakar Yadav July 22, 2023 6:27 PM IST

Does the stock market attract you too? Right now, when the market is running at a historic level, you must be thinking that I wish I could get my hands on a multibagger stock, because you must have heard about many such stocks, which have given 100-200% returns in a year or two, while bank FDs barely give 7-8% returns.

This company works

In such a situation, if someone tells you that there is a stock which has not given 100-200 per cent but more than 1000 per cent returns, that too in just two and a half years, then you might not believe it, but this is not a fictional story but a true story. This is the story of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd, which brought a tsunami in the stock market while working on marine vessels.

price at this level

On Friday, shares of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd closed at Rs 1,859.90, up 2.21 per cent on the NSE. This is the all-time high closing level of this stock. It also touched a level of Rs 1,909.70 during trading, which is its new 52-week high level. Right now the market capitalization of the company is Rs 37,590 crore.

Multibagger made in 6 months

During the last week, the stock of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd rose by more than 9 percent, whereas in the last one month its price has increased by more than 58 percent. It has jumped more than 140 per cent in the last six months and more than 135 per cent so far this year. In the last one year, the price of this share has strengthened by more than 586 percent.

This is how the price reached the sky

2 years ago from today i.e. on 23 July 2021, this share was worth Rs.263. That is, in the last 2 years, the price of this share has strengthened more than 7 times. On the other hand, in the last two and a half years, the share of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd has traveled from just Rs 185 to Rs 1,860, which means its shares have given tremendous returns of 10 times to its investors.

Million times better than bank FD

According to this, if an investor had invested Rs 10,000 in the shares of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd about two and a half years ago i.e. in December 2020, then the value of his investment would have been Rs 10 lakh today. On the other hand, if someone had invested Rs 10,000 in a bank FD two and a half years ago, he would have got a return of only Rs 2,190 even at 8 per cent interest.

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