Cricket World Cup 2023 Air Fare Record Increased Before India Vs Pakistan Match For Ahmedabad

By Sudhakar Yadav July 22, 2023 2:14 PM IST

Air Fare Hike for INDvsPak Cricket Match: Cricket matches between India and Pakistan are often exciting and interesting. This time both these teams are facing each other in the World Cup. The match between these two teams will be played on 15 October. This match will be held at Ahmedabad Stadium in India. A large number of visitors are expected to reach here. In view of this, the domestic fare for Ahmedabad has increased more than four times.

After more than a decade, the match between these two teams is going to be played in India. In such a situation, fans are fighting for tickets to watch this match, due to which the air fare has increased. Earlier, the match between India and Pakistan in India was played in January 2013 in Delhi. After this, no match was played between these two in India.

record hike in rents

A look at the data of travel portals reveals that the Indore-Ahmedabad airfare has increased by 330 per cent to around Rs 11,300 a day before the October 15 match, while the average fare for the rest of the month of October was Rs 2,600.

Air fares from Delhi to Ahmedabad have increased by 250 per cent to Rs 17,500 from the normal October airfares and from Mumbai to around Rs 13,000, while the average fare for this route is Rs 4,000. The fare for Jaiparu to Ahmedabad on October 14 is currently Rs 17,000, while the average fare for the rest of October was Rs 6,300.

Similarly, fares from Hyderabad have increased by 200 per cent to Rs 18,000 and from Kochi by 230 per cent to Rs 23,000. The fare from Kolkata to Ahmedabad has increased by 130 per cent, which is Rs 23,000. The airfare has gone up to Rs 13,000 for Chandigarh and Rs 10,000 for Bangalore.

Hotel prices also increased

Searches for travel and tickets have increased by 46 percent during the World Cup. The hotel stay for one night has increased up to 10 times. Some people say that luxury hotels have charged up to Rs 50,000 per night. At the same time, other fares for the journey have also increased. Please tell that India has played seven times in the World Cup with Pakistan and has defeated Pakistan seven times.

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